Nightclubs, architecture and urbanism


Further reading and media from NIGHT CLUBBING, our panel for The Bartlett School of Architecture’s International Lecture Series

NIGHT CLUBBING collaborative playlist

From disco to dancehall, camp classics to K-Pop, Bollywood to Britney, the NIGHT CLUBBING COLLABORATIVE PLAYLIST brings together an eclectic mix of floor fillers, compiled by suggestions from around the world, gathered at our recent panel, NIGHT CLUBBING, for The Bartlett School of Architecture’s International Lecture Series. Although this took place at a time when most night-time venues are under lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we asked the audience: ‘If you could go dancing tonight, which track would get you up on the dancefloor?’ Contributions include tracks from India, Russia, Jamaica, Turkey, Greece, Pakistan, Spain, Columbia, Jamaica, Portugal, Germany and Britain. Migrating across genres, generations and geographies, this playlist includes pop and indie – from Korea, Turkey, the US, and Sweden – classic and modern soul – from the US and UK – European dance and techno, Jamaican dancehall, Indian Bollywood and Latin hip hop. Enjoy!

Queer Night Clubbing Archives – NYC//LDN

A selection of music, videos, film and documentary material which NIGHT CLUBBING co-hosts Ben Campkin and Lo Marshall engaged with in their contribution to The Bartlett School of Architecture International Lecture Series panel.

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