CITY NIGHTS – Conference Programme & Abstracts, 19-20 May 2022


Night Spaces: Migration Culture and Integration in Europe (NITE) – Third International Conference, Leiden University, 19-20 May 2022

Thursday, 19th May – Room 011 Gravensteen, Pieterskerkhof 6 2311 SR Leiden

9.00 – Walk in

9.30 – Welcome – Jeroen Touwen, Vice Dean Faculty of Humanities, Leiden

09.45 – Work/Platform Work

Chair: Manuela Bodjaziev (Humboldt University)

Alessio Kolioulis (University College London) – Building the nocturnal commons: foundational infrastructures for the night

Laura-Solmaz Litschel (Humboldt University, Berlin) – Tales of the digitized night – Gig work, Migration and Smart City

Julius-Cezar MacQuarie (New Europe College, Bucharest) – Inequalities in siliconised Romanian cities and among digital platform workers

Seger Kersbergen (Leiden University) – The  Cape Verdean Sailor-Musician Hybrid: Work and Music in the Rotterdam diaspora

11.15 – Coffee break

11:30 – Keynote

Chair: Sara Brandellero (Leiden University)

Ilse van Liempt (Utrecht University) – Geographies of the Night

12:30 – Lunch on campus

13:30 – Queer Infrastructures

Chair: Frans-Willem Korsten (Leiden University)

Ben Campkin (University College London) – Queer Infrastructures: Migration and World-making in East London

Lo Marshall (University College London) – Who Cares? Exploring caring infrastructures and practices within London’s LGBTQ+ nightlife.

Ben Walters (independent researcher) – Homemade mutant hope machines

14.45 – Coffee break

15:00 – (Self-)Governance & Urban Planning

Chair: Ben Campkin (University College London)

Diana Raiselis (VibeLab) – The A-Team: Awareness Teams in Berlin Club Culture as Self-Governance Practice for ‘Safe(r) Space’

Marion Roberts (University of Westminster, London) – Urban Design, Migration & Nocturnal ‘Levelling Up’

Krystian Darmach (University of Lodz) – Migrants, Foreigners and the City Night Life in Lodz – Anthropological View

16.15 – Policy roundtable, Sustainable and inclusive nightlife: past experience and future visions

Chair: Alessio Kolioulis (University College London)

Ramon de Lima (N8BM A’DAM) – Thys Boer (N8W8, Rotterdam)

Alice Fortes (Director Art Studio) – Martijn Braat (Leidse Nachtraad)

Isabel Wiltenburg (ClubEthics, Amsterdam)

19:00 – Conference dinner – Restaurant Scheltema, Marktsteeg 1, 2312CS Leiden

Friday, 20th May – Room 011 Gravensteen, Pieterskerkhof 6 2311 SR Leiden

9.00 – Walk in
9.30 –  Keynote 

Chair: Kamila Krakowska Rodrigues (Leiden University)

Marco Martiniello (University of Liège) – Are all cats grey in the dark? Encounters and separation in urban cultural nightlife
10.30 – Coffee break
10.45 – Launch session: Urban Pamphleteer #9; Crossings – special issue “Night Stories”
11:15 – Sonic Signatures: How Migrant Music Constitutes the City at Night
Chair: Derek Pardue (Aarhus University)

Katie Young (University of Limerick) – Music, Memory, and Migration at Night: Relational Ways of Knowing Through Arts-Based Collaborations

Ailbhe Kenny (University of Limerick) – “Oh, I didn’t expect that”: The Black Irish Female DJ Journey

Nick Dunn (Lancaster University) – Nocturnal Polyphony: Mobile music-making as urban composition
12:30 – Lunch – Restaurant Pakhuis, Doelensteeg 8, 2311VL Leiden
13:45 – Culture/Leisure
Chair: Ailbhe Kenny (University of Limerick)

Sophia Abidi (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) – From migrants to expats: the case of young Australians in Berlin and their ‘desert island’ syndrome

Guillaume Robin (University of Paris) – Facing desocialization : resilience and reconstitution of nocturnal festivities in times of pandemic in the Berlin migrant techno community

Tchida Afrikanu (Laboratory for Advanced Studies Observamus, Federal University of Pernambuco)– Tejo Bar: a portal for the cosmopolitics of musicking

Chantal Meng (Goldsmiths, University of London) – Let’s Night Draw: Re-writing the Nocturnal Land/Cityscape
15:30 – Film Festival & Keynote (Trianon Cinema, Breestraat 31, 2311CH Leiden) Note change of venue

Chair: Sara Brandellero (Leiden University)

Will Straw (McGill University, Montreal) – Nocturnalizing: recent cinema’s preoccupation with the urban night

Shorts on urban night, migration and culture in London, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, co-produced with the NITE team:

Mirage (Created/performed: A. Meghie and E. Yonas; Music: C. Shillingford, UK, 2021)
‘Inhabiting grainy rough drafts of a digital 3D-scan produced under lockdown, the artists reimagine the iconic queer cabaret, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.’

Munganga (dir. Francianne dos Santos Velho, Netherlands, 2022)
‘Theatre bridging cultures in Amsterdam.’

And more!

17:30 – Closing Drinks

Organizing committee
Sara Brandellero, Kamila Krakowska Rodrigues, Seger Kersbergen, Maxime Schut, Angel Perazzetta

NB: Lunches and dinners are only provided for invited/speakers and paying attendees.

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