Day and Night – Working in the GIG Economy 16. June 2022, 6 pm

In metropolises such as Berlin and Hamburg, digital platforms can now satisfy central human needs such as food, mobility and living in a 24/7 rhythm on-demand via app-based ordering platforms: Google Maps guides us through the city, Lieferando brings dinner and Amazon the rest, Helpling arranges the cleaning service and Uber the taxi ride, Airbnb the holiday flat, Tinder our next relationship and with the e-scooter we also drive the last bit from the S-Bahn station to the flat. What kind of working conditions does this so-called gig economy promote? And what does the constant availability of app-based services mean for the organisation of our everyday lives? In the course of three years of research, Laura-Solmaz Litschel has gathered numerous photos and impressions from the app-driven night work in Brussels.

The presentation will be opened by a kick-off event at Freiraum at Museum for Arts and Crafts in Hamburg (Germany) on 16. June 2022 at six o’clock.

This will be followed by a panel discussion with workers, activists and researchers from the GIG Economy.

With Valentin Niebler (Platform Labour in Urban Spaces), Avik Majumdar (Gorillas Works Council) and Laura-Solmaz Litschel (NITE – Night Spaces). Moderation: Lee Hielscher.

Research photos and material: Laura-Solmaz Litschel