Night Scenes, 30 April – 15 May 2020


Soho Scenes

Left: Chardine Taylor Stone speaking at the UCL Urban Lab’s Queer Salon at the Museum of London in 2018, Ivan Denia.
Right: Dan de la Motte in Soho Square, Kai Lutterodt / My Soho Times

On 30 April 2020 we kick off the Night Scenes online event series with Soho Scenes, featuring talks by Dan de la Motte and Chardine Taylor Stone exploring intersection between histories of migration and queerness in London’s Soho, a neighbourhood that encapsulates the project themes of nightlife, migration, integration and culture. A recording of Soho Scenes will be posted on and accompanied by a Soho Soundtrack, assembled by Lo Marshall, which will traverse artists, spaces and scenes whose music resonates with the themes of migration, integration and culture. 

Night Scenes Roundtables – 6 and 7 May 2020

Join us for two online roundtables bringing together an array of perspectives on the urban night, migration, integration and culture, from recent masters graduates and current doctoral researchers working across a range of disciplines. You can find the programme and register for free here:

Night Times – 13 May 2020

Panellists will speak from their perspectives as researchers, artists and practitioners about questions, experiences and issues concerning nocturnal urbanism, gentrification, precarity, nightlife, mobility and access to urban spaces. Featuring:

Zoe Adjonyoh(Writer, chef, founder – Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen) >> Did I Coalesce in the Gentrification of Brixton?

Ella Harris (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Birkbeck) and Mark Knightley (Co-artistic Director, Crowded Room) >>  Pop-up Nights as Compensatory Urbanism 

Emilia Smeds (Research Assistant, UCL Centre for Transport Studies) >> Night-time Mobilities and (In)justice in London

Alessio Kolioulis(Teaching Fellow, Development Planning Unit, UCL)>>  Democratise the Night: Dance music as a ‘right to the city’ against the financialisation of night-time

Register free here:

Night Modes – 15 May 2020

Panellists will speak from their perspectives as researchers, practitioners and artists about questions, experiences and issues concerning nocturnal urbanism, including modes of night work in past and present-day cities, and how these shift and connect with migrant identities and histories. Featuring:

DJ Ritu (Club Kali) >> Worlding the Night

Julius-Cezar MacQuarie (Central European University, Night Work Pod) >> Night Shift Workers in London

Nicola Baldwin (2019-2020 UCL Creative Fellow at Urban Lab/IAS) >> Wasteland: The City Dionysia 

Robert Shaw (Lecturer in Geography, Newcastle University) >> Nightwalkers, Party-Goers, Pioneers and Criminals: Conceptualizations of the inhabitants of the nocturnal frontier